1. «I can't find my file... ?»
  2. «I can't find my surnames...?»
  3. «The files are unreadable... ?»
  4. «Download... ?»
  5. «comptage.php... ?»
  6. «Decompression... ?»
  7. «Opening a zip file... ?»
  8. «Password...(1) ?»
  9. «Password...(2) ?»
  10. «I would like to update my data and contact details... ?»

I can not find on the site the file that I sent to you... ?
The site is updated weekly. Files arriving before Saturday will be placed the following Monday. Each file received is processed and brought back in a unique format so that there is always the same manipulation to do to import a gedcom file into your genealogy software. For data less than 75 years old, a utility replaces the name with & quot; Contemporain & quot; and delete the first names dates and places.
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I cannot find the surnames contained in my file when I query the database... ?
Our database does not contain any records whose dates are less than 75 years old or undated. She is put & agrave; day every week.
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After decompressing the downloaded files, I find a file with an incomprehensible * .ged extension... ?
All our files are in GEDCOM format and can only be used with genealogy software which has GEDCOM import and export functions.
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After clicking on the file to download, a message indicates that the site does not exist... ?
It is certainly a link error, contact by email «Cailgeo» indicating the name of the file.
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After being loaded a file I find the file comptage.php on my disk... ?
You have a Mac device, there must be a setting in your browser. Nothing is lost, you just have to rename the file comptage.php with the name of the file you wanted to download and it is ok.
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During decompression, the program reports defective archive... ?
There may have been a problem when we were loaded the file on our server. In this case, contact by email «Cailgeo» with the name of the file.
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When I click on the file I have just downloaded, Windows asks me with which application to open it... ?
You can download this «free software» (Windows). You can easily find shareware to download from the Net.
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When I want to download it, I am asked for a username and password, how do I... ?
To be able to access the download, you must become a participant, for this you must have a gedcom file, go to the "Home" section. "Participate" and click on "register now".
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I created a login and password, but they are refused, how do I... ?
All passwords are encrypted. Go to the "Members" section. then "lost codes". Enter the email address you entered. You have the possibility of recovering your login. This information is emailed to your address. If you do not succeed, send us an "email address" with your name and surname, email address, we will do the procedure for your square.
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JI want to update my data and contact details, how do I... ?
To update your data, simply log in (username and password) and then go to the "Participant" section. and "M.A.J./Fichier". Your file will be available within 96 hours of sending it.
To update your contact details, simply log in (login and password) and then go to the "Members" section. and "Coordinates". The form displays the information contained in the database.
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